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Using this site, you accept these Terms and Conditions of use and privacy statement. In case of objection to the conditions stipulated in this contract or non-satisfaction, you may address your complaints through the page "Contacts". REBCE reserves the right to change from time to time these Terms and Conditions. Please check regularly this contract with each use and access to this site.

Fees and payment:

You agree to pay all costs related to products and services sold by REBCE or any other supplier or service provider through REBCE. All applicable taxes and transportation costs associated with the purchase of other products or services are payable. Costs related to the processing of files are subject to change. Application forms and other documents necessary for the issuance of visas are subject to change without notice.

Refund Policy:

You can cancel your request for any reason before REBCE starts processing your file, without prejudice to penalties or charges, by calling Customer Service at 0902-12-001 or sending an e-mail to attaching your cancellation request. It will then process the full refund of fees paid for this service as well as consulate fees. If canceled after beginning of file processing, there will be no refund of service fees and administrative fees.
REBCE is unable to process claims for payments of more than a month made ​​by credit card. In this case, REBCE may issue a credit note for applications submitted under future service REBCE. The credit note does not apply to applications submitted by other agencies or requests submitted directly to the consulates.

Processing time:

The processing time for visas (translation or legalization) set by REBCE is indicative and based on the time provided by the consulates and the State Department under normal circumstances, however, without warranty. The processing time will be computed from the working day following the date on which the documents are submitted to REBCE. Refusal or delay of treatment is left to their own discretion without justification. REBCE will not be liable for delays, cancellations and other financial losses due to processing delays and refusal. There will be no full or partial refund of service fees as well as administrative fees.

Description of Service:

REBCE attempts to describe best and as accurately as possible all services appearing on this site. REBCE however, cannot guarantee the correctness, accuracy, and timeliness of all statements, definitions and descriptions. Service and costs associated with processing visas (translation or legalization) are subject to change without notice. Consulates can modify the fees without notice, these changes can take effect immediately. The request for additional documents and the refusal to issue any visa is entirely at the discretion of the consulates, which are not required for justification. REBCE is not responsible for delays, cancellations, and other financial losses due to processing delays or refusal. REBCE reserves the right to refuse to process any document owing to insufficient processing time or exceptional circumstances. In case service descriptions or other information contained on this site would prove inaccurate or old, you agree to exempt REBCE from liability.

Intellectual Property:

This website, including, without limitation, its content, photographs, graphics, and software, is protected as a collective work by copyrights, trademarks, service marks, international treaties and / or other rights to property, as well as by the laws of Belgium and other countries. The website design, logos, images, text, graphics, software, HTML code generated to display the pages of this web site remain the exclusive property of REBCE and may not be copied, adapted, designed or otherwise reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the prior written consent of REBCE.

Respect of copyright:

REBCE take all necessary measures to guarantee respect for the rights to intellectual property. You agree to exempt REBCE its responsibility and obligations in the event of actual or perceived violation of those rights, and agree to notify immediately by writing REBCE if you find such a violation and give the necessary time to consider this violation and establish an appropriate response, before initiating any legal action.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

All legal relationships between REBCE and Customer shall be governed by Belgian law only.
In the event of a dispute between REBCE and Customer arising from or in connection with the Terms and Conditions the dispute will be submitted to the competent court.

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